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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My my, what a long time it's been...

Aw, you know how it is, it flies when you're having fun.

Fun these days consists of the acquisition of toys varying in price from pennies to dimes. Latest toy: a nice external hard drive. What more could a girl want? Maybe two external hard drives.

So, when something is new you try to destroy it with over-use as the implement. Enter...transferring files.

In the process of moving files, one does catch up with a lot of total junk and razzmatazz. Some good dirty pictures too. The one of Minnie with her boobs over Ashcroft's shoulder being a particular favorite.

Ashcroft who?

Yeah...lots of flotsam over the dam. A few nasty dead guys, and some time to reflect.

Here then is an old letter to friends right after a fateful event:

A Howl, Not the Last

My friends,

I have received a couple of queries as to whether I have fallen upon my dagger, or slipped into a hot tub with a glass of hemlock tea and a single edge razor blade. Or thoughts to that effect.

No. Resoundingly, NO.

What I am at this point is angry. Better that than tears any day. We, the Democrat voters fought a good fight, but not good enough. Politics is like sex. Nice and gentle is alright, but harder, harder, faster, faster gets you to the howling point.

When did anyone ever fight in the trenches, and keep his nails clean?

The right-wing is filthy, and playing the game by the rules when you're the only one that does...well that's just plain stupid.

John Kerry has me pissed off bigtime because there will always be a doubt about Ohio in my mind. I think some investigation should have been demanded. I also feel his conceding so quickly, against the advice of his running mate, was a terrible blunder. He looks weak now, and that's another bouquet of roses we handed the King of Chaos.

Bush can now do what he wants to do. He's a lame duck that can, and probably will, shoot bullets.

Rehnquist is half dead, the majority of the Justices are so old they creak, and 3-4 new Justices will be selected by a religious fanatic with a very odd take on morality.

All the arguments have been made...why go on?

There is a reason. WE AIN'T DEAD YET! There are many elections at the local level that will take place in the next four years. VOTE. Don't roll over now, and don't fall asleep at the thought of politics. They run your life.

Start giving very serious thought to future candidates at any level. Look for the most progressive ones and do what you can to further their aims.

Frankly, what some say about the Democratic Party is too true. It is old, weak, conciliatory, right leaning, and generally indistinguishable from the GOP.

Watch Barack Obama. Learn from that fine man. And let's make the initials GOP stand for Grand Old Prat-fall in the coming years.

Screw them. And this time, fight dirty, just like they do.

"This time" is coming faster than you think. In 2006 Rick Santorum will be running for re-election. He wants to be Pope. Those of us here in PA have to "just say no". I have no doubt he would love to run for prez some day. 'Round about now, you should be saying something expressive like, ewwww.

I leave you with that thought.

For those who had the sensitivity to ask, I thank you. I am fine. Really pissed off, and that's fine too.

Thursday, November 04, 2004 3:55 PM

Well, I think it's interesting....