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Thursday, December 08, 2011

HEMP - Truer Words Was Never Spoke

I heard, just this past week, a state attorney on a local Public Radio program, called ironically, Radio Smart Talk. He staunchly defended the work his office does in tracking down and busting growers of tha demon weed we fondly refer to as grass, and other dangerous substances.

He stated the "fact", marijuana is a gateway drug leading to wrack and ruin, using as an example Greece, which is now in a state of near collapse due to the fact marijuana had been legalized there. No mention of the highly functional Netherlands, where marijuana has been legal forever it seems.

Sitting toad like in my kitchen, I bellowed out, "You jackass"! But there was more to come, for a moment later, this learned man said, “I've seen people dependent on marijuana, I've seen the destruction it causes, I've seen the violence!”

At this point, my jaw is resting on my lap, and I'm gasping for a breath of fresh reality.

This sort of propagandist rattling will be the enemy of legalized pot, and also legalized HEMP. Because, as we all know, having been so well informed by an upstanding hardcore conservative servant of the courts, and his soulless clones; the mere presence of that dangerous growing thing, will bring Americky to it's financial knees, (Umm a little late for that, don'tcha think?) will make addicts of our children,
(I thought TV and high fructose corn syrup had already been there and done that.) etc.

Why? Well, as we now all know, the minute the first legal HEMP seed hits fertile ground, every one of us nasty addictive types will line up, pipe or bong, or rolling paper in our sweaty anxious hands, just waiting for farmer Brown to lop off a tree branch sized hunk of said HEMP, so that we may go smoke it and destroy ourselves and Americky, as we know it.


Written on July 10, 2011. I'm a little slow to post. Must be all that hemp in my carpet.