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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jeb Sprague on Stealth Duvalierism

Here we are again boys and girls. Another piece of horror; well put together by Jeb Sprague, who has the credentials to write on Haiti like a native.

Jeb Sprague has a serious problem. He has a soul. It is impossible to think of him writing as he does about Haiti without writhing in spiritual pain. Journalist or not.

So, take your Xanax, ingest an antacid, light a candle and some incense for Buddha, and read this deeply disturbing piece of work.

Allow me to present, “Stealth Duvalierism”

A brief excerpt: “The real problem with Martelly, however, is not his perceived immorality, but his heinous political history and close affiliation with the reactionary “forces of darkness," as they are called in Haiti, which have snuffed out each genuine attempt Haitians have made over the past 20 years to elect a democratic government. Far from a champion of democracy, Martelly has been a cheerleader for, and perhaps even a participant in, bloody coups d'├ętat and military rule.”

That ought to whet your appetite for truth, even if it does make you sick at heart, and in the stomach.

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