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Monday, September 27, 2004

Environmental Lamentation by The Red Wolf

If a giant sequoia falls does the sound equal the dollars it brings?

As I may or may not have pointed out very clearly in prior rants, the current administration has always had a heady agenda. Hence, many special interest groups are having the continual party of their dreams. For the chosen, it's better than Christmas, better than the 4th of July, better than an effortless weight loss before bikini season---better than ice cream, better than sex.

Now what? Oh, nothing too important, since WE ARE AT WAR--- Just a rollback of a few environmental regulations while we were glued to Afghanistan on teevee (and later Iraq). Wait up here---they're going to get rid of the arsenic in our water! We should be celebrating that!

It's wonderful! Look how it frees us up! We can drop dead of something else instead.

Maybe a new type of lung cancer? Maybe taking part in the present and future war(s) created by our fearless leader. Wow, the possibilities are without limit!

What was the last thing you heard about the reduction of arsenic in the water we drink? Anything at all?

As to air pollution, there's a right way and a wrong way to do it. The right way is: first you throw as much crap into the air as possible, then you cut down as many trees as possible, breathing deeply all the while, of the fumes thrown back from the chainsaw, while you, and the animals living in the forested area you are destroying, enjoy the deafening sound you are creating, as an added bonus.

Also of course, encourage your lawmakers to keep that speed limit up there to insure maximum unfettered use of the automobile. (And the now ubiquitous SUV.) Maybe you can even chat them up to consider jacking it up a tad--- let's see---hmmm---70mph sounds good. NO! Let's go all the way! How about 85mph? In addition to being fun, it's a great population control device!

So what did they do this time? (December 2001) Eh---just a rollback of the restrictions on snowmobiles in those boring wilderness areas Clinton tried in a half assed way to protect. No big deal.

Photo Credit: Dave Steimling

Just allowed a little freedom in screwing with the wetlands, for those who cherish that as a wet dream. Nothing to worry your head about. Just an effective invisible muzzle on the mouths of the interested parties. If an environmentalist shrieks and raises hell while WE ARE AT WAR, does anyone hear the sound?

Now in the land of Georgiola, we'll probably also go drill for more oil in what should be inviolate places, and have a few more oil spills while doing so. But there are always more birds to replace the ones that die caked with the stuff, there are always more crustaceans, always more fish in the sea, always ways to clean the sand, always silence in the wilderness during the warm months---. Always always.

I want to move to Mars.

But hey---look--- WE ARE AT WAR, and this is decidedly unpatriotic talk, not to be tolerated at all.

King George's pet rocks in the Senate and Congress are nodding out on the opiate of security, assured of reelection both for the Kinglet, and themselves. All is well with their world. And on the perpetual campaign trail, that has never been un-traversed since the moment the king was anointed on January 20, 2001, business goes on as usual.

Oh! You mean you hadn't noticed? Shame on you. Go to the corner.

This article was originally published in December 2001. As you might have realized while reading it, not too much has actually changed except the recent removal of some (unpopular) animals from the endangered species list. And of course, the keener than ever pursuit of drilling for oil wherever it exists…let's see…Alaska, Iraq, Iran, Syria….

There are many serious reasons not to reelect George W. Bush. One of them is the love of country. Literally.

Do you think I shouldn't bring up old news? It isn't old news, it's obscured news. You are distracted away from it, and the importance of it.

I would like to point out to you, the horrible result of Hurricane Jeanne on the once exquisite island of Haiti. Deforestation has allowed the destruction of that poor beaten country, and cost so many lives it makes me sick.

The natural environment is incredibly important in so many ways. The beauty that thrills the heart is possibly the least of it. That depends on your personal take….
The very air you breathe, the water you drink, and the sun you worship, are becoming more and more dangerous to your health.

This president is a man determined to leave a mark on history. What will he be? The "Education" President? The "War" President? Or the "Oil" President perhaps? My favorite is Ex…Ex President George Walker Bush. Has a nice ring, don't you think?

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