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Sunday, September 26, 2004


Today is Sunday. While the Wolf has been known to work on Sunday, it is important for the Wolf to have a sane organized head in order to present you with Wolfish input that makes some sense, and has few typos.

The Wolf will labor for you. Be patient. Patience is a virtue, and according to some, virtues are in the spotlight on Sunday. For many among us however, it's a good day to catch up on sleep, socialize with those who don't want to kill us, and eat nice things.

Luncheon Tip: Raving Rightist Republican goes well with a full-bodied beer, ale, or a nice red. Just a suggestion.

As Arnie said in the past ,when he was doing something useful, i.e. entertaining the masses; "I'll be back ".


h3ath3n said...

Roasted rat-bastard with a side-order of freedom fries - mm, mm good! Rip 'em a new one, wolf. I can't wait for the cookbook!

The Red Wolf said...

My tail is wagging.