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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Headline: Zell Miller Sells Soul to Devil

Yes, his seat went to the party of his choice. If this piece of iguana vomit ever runs for any office higher than garbage commissioner, I will take on the sending of care packages to you for the rest of my life when you're in prison...all YOU have to do is run him through with a pike. No, not the fish. Look it up in the dictionary, and at the same time try "mace", no not the spray, and not the spice.

Scum floats, maybe someone will mistake him for a pile of flotsam, and pitch him into a grinder to make fertilizer. God, I loved Fargo.

a. Wreckage or cargo that remains
afloat after a ship has sunk.
b. Floating refuse or debris.
c. Discarded odds and ends.
d. Vagrant, usually destitute people.

I like item b.

It's just a bit after 8:00 PM. The vodka bottle and I have had a meeting of minds. Keeping myself occupied until I know for a certainty that I'll fall asleep before I give in and sit here wringing my paws until all the tiny, but important, bones crumble.

The small good news: Barack Obama
It's now official. He won (of course). Eat your heart out Keyes.

China is having riots, which they would have preferred to keep quiet. How else will they kill off the dissenters without quashing the demand for cheap goods that flow like the Yangtze River from their land to ours. Must save face. Do not protest too loudly, or in addition to your punishment by firing squad, we will torture your most favored son. Whoops, made a mistake there. They do it by lethal injection now, neat death-all the better to harvest organs from bodies that are not blown to bits. A burgeoning enterprise there.

President Twig was expressing his ambitions regarding Cuba a day or so ago, sucking up to the Latino voters. Evidently, after he invades Iran, he has plans for Cuba too. Never a mumblin' word passes from the lips of the sainted leader of the idiot pack, regarding China and it's perpetual wrongdoing in the rights department. Evidently his god has little interest in human rights, but a lot of interest in money. Gotta keep them priorities straight boys and girls.

What else is there to bitch about? Eh, the night is young. I'm sure something will irk the Wolf, who should feel mellow now, but instead feels like throwing bricks at people.

Blogs are so bitchin' when it comes to bitching.

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