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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Minnie 'n John

So, John Ashcroft is booking, as some would say. Before you rejoice yourself into a swivet, consider what monster will be lurking in the wings, and in the dark corners of the administration's sick mind. Torquemada perhaps? Vlad the Impaler? Who knowz?

While the sun still shines my good readers, let us recall fondly,the one ridiculous, non-damaging feat for which Dear John will be long remembered. A modesty panel (several actually) for Minnie Lou.

For the unaware, a modesty panel is the front panel of a desk or typing table, which was added exclusively to keep women's legs out of site during the workday, as they toiled in offices filled with lust crazed males who would be rendered incapable of slaving their tushes off for The Boss Man, should they catch a glimpse of silk stocking. Those were the days...

Here is a lovely link for you. It leads to the BBC's article on the infamous draperies, with a nice little bagatelle at the very end, I just know you'll adore.

Another link. Read Dr. Susan Block on the subject. This is a good one. (wicked chuckles)

"...But Asscraft knew all about the Spirit of Justice when he accepted the job of Attorney General. He shouldn't have taken the job if he didn't like the trappings." Dr.Susan Block

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