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Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Truth About The Guys in Charge is...

You really wanna know? Mmmm, my link baby! .Right here.
(Things have changed. It is 2011, and we have a whole new group in charge. The original was the song, "You're an Asshole".It was so fitting, with a slide show with photos of the former, now silent Prez Bush. Now it's Obama on YouTube. Haven't watched it.)

If you're on the job, don't do it. If language upsets you, visit The Rude Pundit for your immunization shot. I love that guy.(Changes or not, The Rudd Pundit always sparks things up. And you can always depend on your Red Wolf to blow the shit out of propriety.

Most special thanks to Dave at Midnight Mecca for this gem, which has spread like measles all over the web by now.

This is a repeat posting. We need to view these things now and again.
NOTE:Things may never be the same. So little raunch, so few laughs.

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