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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A Class Act

It is with great pleasure that I welcome The CultureGhost to the mix here.

Since I got it together to arrange my favorite rogues gallery of likeminded parties more or less alphabetically (applaud here) you must scroll down to see the name in pale gray non-lights. (Saving on the energy bill.)

All links here are first vetted thoroughly by your Wolf, which means I had both eyes open at the same time. Therefore you may rest assured The CultureGhost, (who B.T.W. likes Smokin' Joe's place, and is not afraid to confess to it--tripple tail wag for that) is of as great a quality as any other link on this page since they were all examined with both Wolf eyes open while actually awake.

It don't get much better than that. Go visit. You have my blessings on your haid.

What overkill? You can never give too much praise if you are pure of heart and full of food. Since you will then have no ulterior political type motive, and will not be trying to disarm your dinner with sweet talk.

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