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Friday, October 29, 2004

More GOP Bushshit?

What's your take on the alleged new bin Laden tape? Why alleged? It hasn't been exposed to the usual scrutiny by the "experts" yet. I'll go on record as saying I think it's a hoax, or worse.

What do I mean by worse? I'll tell you very simply, so that if you're one of those still undecided types who have trouble following a train of thought even if you're tied onto it, you'll understand my reason for the way I feel about it.

I listened to part of the tape tonight. I heard the translation. The term "messing with," or "mess with" was used in the news segment. Very un bin Laden like. It's extremely American in its terminology. Mr. bin Laden would not refer to New York City as Manhattan, a term that was also used in the news broadcast.

If this whole deal doesn't sound like a slimy Republican put up job, nothing does.

I would like to hear it again. I would like to hear it in Arabic, then a good professional English translation afterward. The tape is 18 minutes long. I can spare 36 minutes to hear it in both languages. I would like to hear Mr. bin Laden NOT use the name of Allah repeatedly, as he ALWAYS does. Do not forget…Mr. Bin Laden is as fanatically religious as your fearsome leader. Without the name Allah used repeatedly, it, simply put, is not Usama bin Laden.

Mr. Bin Laden would not address the American people, as he appears to have on this tape. He would never be conciliatory, as he was on this tape. By conciliatory I mean that he warned the country, told it how to avoid another attack. Everything about this tape is wrong.

This tape, as it will be used by the bush-bastards in the next couple of days, can be very easily construed as being favorable to John Kerry. You don't think so? Well you'd better start thinking like a devious s.o.b. just like I do. I didn't get to be a Wolf by being a dumb lamb on the way to full-blown sheephood. I was born a wolf, and I'll die one.

You know, sometimes your Wolf gets tired of having carrier pigeons come home with all that cooing and carrying on, bringing back the words the Wolf sent out in the past, like prophesy coming home to roost.

During the spring, a friend and I were having breakfast together. My friend said he was sick of all the political talk on teevee. I decided not to mention the subject out of deference to him, so I sat chawing on my bagel, sipping at my tea, and being amiable. This lasted five minutes. All at once, out of the blue, he said, "What do you think Bush is going to do to get reelected?"

I shrugged my shoulders and remarked sarcastically, "Well short of doing his old man in to get the sympathy vote, I guess he'll just have to pull Usama bin Rabbit out of his hat." And lookee here. My, my, my.

Timing is everything.

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