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Friday, October 29, 2004

Voting in 2004

In 1998 I read a book by Jim Hightower that had a very alarming story within it's pages. The story concerned Karl Rove, and his attack on Ann Richards, the then governor of Texas.

This man destroyed her chance of re-election. He lied about her. He's so good at lying manipulations, even his mama would believe him. He's a total completely fanatical devotee of the GOP. The evil he does is his biggest rush, making orgasm seem as interesting as chewing bubble gum. For Karl Rove, it's all in the game. He loves the game above all else.

I knew about Karl Rove when most, if not damn near all of you, were asleep in the arms of a comfy Democratic Administration.

A short article in The Texas Observer by Molly Ivins gave the first hint that George W. Bush was possibly going to run as the GOP contender in the next presidential election.

Karl Rove was/is George Bush's engine.

Bush wasn't the only thing that was blood was running like ice water in my veins, and I was cynical enough then to realize no one stood the chance of a snowball in hell of beating him. If they couldn't win it, they'd buy it, one way or another they'd get the White House back.

And they did.

Today, I sit here wondering why I bother. Is your Wolf demoralized? You bet. Why? Because I'm still a cynic. Because Rehnquist will drag his dying body back to the bench to, make sure their man gets in. Because a terrible precedent was set in 2000 when the Supreme Court was allowed to pick the pet GOP gelding for president.

Short of arranging a plane crash for Kerry, there's nothing else to do but screw with the poor (many already intimidated, black) voters down there in the south-land, fix the voting machines, lose thousands of ballots, flood every possible form of media with their unconscionable lying evasive bullshit, and generally brainwash the braindead who can't conclude which hand to wipe their asses with unless they consult some kind of oracle.

The present blitz of bush-bullshit has overwhelmed my senses. Living without a television set was a choice I made in 1989. I do not regret it. I am shielded from the visual input of the product of the advertising industry, which is a major step toward true freedom of choice regarding what I'll buy.

So where do I get my information? The radio supplies some, the Internet the rest of it. Hard copy information is already old news by the time it hits the den. My choice? NPR.

However, on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, I heard the NPR so-called news broadcast several times, and discovered that for every sound byte Kerry got, Bush got two. Last night there was a news "story" that gave Bush so much exposure it amounted to a short campaign speech on his part. This was the news, NOT All Things Considered. The news aired late in the evening carried an expanded byte from the stump speech that was aired on All Things Considered. What did Kerry get? He got balls. He got shit upon. He got screwed up the ass without lube.

What happened?

The only sound byte regarding Kerry was one of his daughter speaking, telling a man there would be no draft if Kerry got into office. He was extracting a promise from her. Nice distraction. Was he a plant? Maybe. See. I told you I'm a cynic.

There you have Mr. Kerry's gentle spoken daughter, versus the bullshit puppet spewing out his self-aggrandizing rhetoric to one of his hand picked cheering audiences.

I make a vow here. NEVER again in my lifetime will I support any NPR affiliate. My money, when I can spare it will go to Pacifica stations.

Imagine what it's like for the uninformed who watch the crap on teevee as their heads swivel from side to side, and their vacuous minds swing from side to side, when they're confronted with the ballot, the voting machine, the touch screen...what will they remember? The last loud thing they heard. And that's most likely going to be that bullshit artist in the White House.

It's up to us to get our bodies up on Tuesday and cast that vote for Kerry. Saving America is in your hands.

Need more input by a better writer? Let me introduce you to Mark Morford here. Go read.

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