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Sunday, October 03, 2004

The Red Wolf Recommends:
$olpugid $pring$---A great Place To Raze The Kids

$olpugid $pring$ is an ongoing book of short stories that are strange, hypnotic, and full of dark fascination. It sinks a hook into you, and you can't quite reach it to pull it out. You're caught.

The author winds you in questions that stretch over you like a spider web by dint of his obscured face, his mystery, and his surreal writings.

At times it can seem he's a man living in a crumbling mansion filled with frayed decadence, deep in the south. The last of his line. A wastrel son who has a perverse interest in his realm, which is immense, and stuffed with peculiar variety. In some ways, it's like Jumanji. He tosses the dice, and then….

He takes you with him on fearsome journeys, from which you may never return.

At other times he appears to be a simple desert dweller, at home with spiders that can kill, and snakes that tranquilly observe his presence, along with coyotes that watch him from a distance. He's quiet within himself, perhaps seeking peace from the nightmares of $olpugid $pring$, that never leave him.

If you looked into his eyes, there could be troubling dreams looking back at you.

To read this evolving book, is to see raw cynicism, and skewed visions rendered faithfully by a consummate storyteller, who has a familiarity with the dark side, and little, if any, fear of exploring that risky landscape. His illustrations are beautiful and exotic, and as compelling as the stories he tells.

Stephen King is a child alongside Smokin' Joe.

The difference between them is that Joe would squat beside you next to an abandoned building down in the poor side of town, out of the wind. He'd roll a cigarette, smoke it, and drink his whiskey while just looking at the world moving along, passing you his bottle when the evening chill got a little too close to the inner self for comfort.

Stephen King would not be there in the first place The writing of Smokin' Joe pulsates with raw life---sharp, bitter, dangerous, outrageously funny, and twisted like a hard tornado bearing down on you from the prairie.

He's an author who stands in a long line of storytellers that will be remembered for the effect they have had on their readers, and he fits in seamlessly. He is in good company, and so are they.

Join them at $olpugid $pring$


TheCultureGhost said...

Thanks a've just managed to cost the California tax-payer a bit more money. That site is fascinating...I imagine I'll be spending too much time getting creeped out.

The Red Wolf said...

C.G. I'll be sure to tell the author.

California's bread is being well spent.

Many thanks. I like your site BTW.