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Monday, October 18, 2004

In the land of the Wolf is never too early or late for a howl at the expense of the bloated and terribly important. Your Wolf enjoys excellent digestion because the Wolf has been favored by destiny with a sense of humor that can cause trouble at times. Your Wolf however, refuses to contain or curtail it, due to a perhaps excessive, fondness for good digestion.

This made the Wolf laugh mightily, with great guffaws and an annoyingly loud smacking of lips.

Now then, while said Wolf has your attention, let it be known that a new segment to this tapeworm of words has been added. If you are competent, relatively vicious but lyrical, you are invited to share your talents from this (never) humble part of the lair called Wolf Song.

Many thanks to Dave of Midnight Mecca for the Wolfish delight his link has engendered. The Wolf could just lick you! We will confine this enthusiasm though, to a sweeping wag of the freshly groomed, fluffed up tail.

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Smokin' Joe said...

Such dreams keep me up at all hours of the morning. I just crash there in a heap, listening to the background noise of the universe playing itself out. That and certain savory herbs serve to lend a particular vividness to the proceedings. It takes guts to lay it all out for all passersby to wonder about. I loved this one a lot - it really frames the absurdity in a refreshing light.