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Saturday, October 16, 2004

I Had A Dream
March 18, 2003

Several nights ago, actually probably quite early in the morning of the 14th, I dreamed I was looking at a very large flat-screened TV. (For the record, I do not have television.) I saw the city of Baghdad. It was totally silent. A man (voice over) was narrating the events as they unfolded. He pointed out that this was Baghdad, and America had decided to launch an attack upon it.

It appeared that the cameras then drew back, and I saw many, many ships with huge guns mounted on them. Planes began to fly over the city. But all was still silent there.

There were no people visible. For a time, nothing happened, and then a single bomb was dropped from one plane. It seemed to fall slowly, then hit a building. For a second, still nothing happened, and then all at once, the entire city was engulfed in flame. It was an inferno, and it happened faster than the eye or mind could take in.

The voice, now agitated, remarked that Saddam Hussein had booby trapped every building in the city with explosives which would in turn spark fires all over Baghdad, and would burn the city to the ground. Then I saw some bodies melting in the heat, and a few people running covered with flames. I heard screams of agony and terror.

Suddenly I was seeing the whole of Iraq, and it wasn't just Baghdad that was burning. It was every town of any size, and finally the oil wells too were burning furiously, spewing out thick black clouds of smoke. I was in the midst of it, on land, then at the Turkish border looking back, and seeing people running and stumbling across the sand toward us.

The border was thrown open, and the soldiers and guards threw down their guns and ran toward the people who were pointing to the black cloud and saying it was poison. The people, just a few at first, kept coming, and the Turks continued to try to rescue all they could. There was peace between the Kurds and the Turks. All tried to help.

This dream moved around. At one moment I was there in Iraq, then Turkey, and in the next, I was watching the screen. There were headlines on the screen saying the United States had been declared in breach of International Law and was now classified as a rogue nation unanimously by all the countries of the world. It was charged with the obligation of acting solely as a humanitarian body, and cleaning up the horrors it had precipitated.

The entire world was against America because it had started World War Three. What was left of the world wanted peace on earth. There were people saying those words on the screen, people from all the remaining nations of the world saying in their own languages, "We want peace on earth."

Finally, there was a large newspaper page on the screen in black and white. The headline said: Experts Agree, Impact of Radiation Upon World Ecology Irreversible-Millions Are Dead or Dying.

We were all dying. I saw eruptions on the skin of all the people around me, and finally, I saw one on my own wrist.

After word: This article is a true recounting of a dream I had on the 14th of March 2003. It was originally posted at "Politically Cherry?"

There is a conspiratorial silence regarding the prevalence of depleted uranium in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo. The "experts" investigating Gulf War Syndrome have ruled out Sarin as the culprit, but do not whisper the words depleted uranium. Instead these people we are supposed to trust, say they simply don't know what it is. Meanwhile men women and in the case of those other countries, children, continue to sicken and die here, and in those places we have graced with the poisonous kiss.

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